Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art II: Lines

February 11, 2010

Today we learned how to use both lines and colors to represent what we see. Our inspirations include Picasso and the Fauvists. The kids liked that they were also called The Wild Beasts.

First, we learn to draw different kinds of lines:

Then we use mirrors and try to draw what we see. How are our features really shaped?

Heather gave some guidelines on noticing where the parts of your face actually are, like that your eyes are halfway down your face, and that your ears go from your eyes to your mouth.

Caiden has to feel it to believe it:

Fiona got the prize for most Matisse-like:





Art I: Colors

February 4, 2010:

Our first art lesson began with Heather explaining the basic concepts of art - what are the elements of a painting?

Did you know that every color in the world can be made with these colors?

Our inspiration for the day was Kandinsky:

Heather explains how to fill out the squares with color:



Spencer (on painting number 2):



Sarah and Fiona:

Art: Painting Pottery

December 16, 2009

Heather had the kids' tiles and sculptures, made at the end of the anatomy module, fired, and this week the kids got to paint them:

First, Heather taught the kids about mixing paint:

Then they got to work -






Monday, December 7, 2009

Community V: Natural Setting

December 3, 2009

For our final community session, we met at Eaton Canyon.

We spent a few minutes talking about where our community IS. Are there mountains, or is it flat? Is it wet or is it dry? Is it near the ocean or not? What kind of animals live here? Do we have zebras or polar bears? Coyotes? Mountain lions? What kinds of plants? Why are these plants and animals here and not somewhere else? Why aren't those other animals here?

Then Heather asked the kids to gather small things they found on their walk that we can use in two weeks for our community "found art" collage:

A quick reminder to avoid "leaves of three" and rattling sounds:

And then we were off!

We ended our time with a few minutes in the nature center, where the kids got to hear the sound of a *real* rattle snake! Now we know the sound to avoid!

Remember that December 10 is a no-session day because of the girls' dress rehearsal for The Nutcracker. We'll see you all next on December 17 at Heather's house for the Community Art project.

Following the art project, we'll be on holiday break. We'll reconvene on January 7 at Spencer's house where we'll start learning about music and making our own instruments. Can't wait!

Community IV: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

November 19, 2009:

Today we were back at Lynn, Sarah and Fiona's house to learn about earthquakes and volcanoes! After watching some videos of lava flows and learning what to do during an earthquake, we went outside and *started one!!*

Lets build a city with lots of skyscrapers!


(Actually, we did talk about how tall buildings here are on special foundations that keep them from falling over in earthquakes, but there'll still be a big mess to clean up inside after it's over!)

Then we made volcanoes oozing with lava:

Finally, we played Race The Lava! Sounds scary! Run, kids!

Try to get away from this scary, er, lady dribbling a ball!

Ever the thrill-seekers, the girls have to run *toward* the lava.

Then the girls performed their scene from their upcoming Nutcracker performance:

Hope we'll get to see it in person!

Happy week, everyone! Don't forget to duck and cover!