Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art II: Lines

February 11, 2010

Today we learned how to use both lines and colors to represent what we see. Our inspirations include Picasso and the Fauvists. The kids liked that they were also called The Wild Beasts.

First, we learn to draw different kinds of lines:

Then we use mirrors and try to draw what we see. How are our features really shaped?

Heather gave some guidelines on noticing where the parts of your face actually are, like that your eyes are halfway down your face, and that your ears go from your eyes to your mouth.

Caiden has to feel it to believe it:

Fiona got the prize for most Matisse-like:





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  1. Great stuff. It's funny how difficult it is for people to draw what they see, although I think kids are more receptive to the idea. They just need to be shown a few things.